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Why Weight Watchers Doesn’t Work – Healthy Lifestyle

Saturday, February 6th, 2021 | Free Articles

Why Weight Watchers Doesn’t Work – We have all heard of Weight Watchers and many of us who have struggled with diets with the need to lose a few pounds may have even tried attending Weight Watchers meetings, some have success while many others fail miserably. Weight watchers cannot work magic, just like any other form of dieting the success behind it is all down to the person not the plan to lose weight; sadly, there is no magic formula which will help us to shed the pounds overnight while we sleep. Understanding why any diet does not work is critical for success and the Weight Watchers program is no exception, so why do so many of us fail when it comes to dieting and following a program such as Weight Watchers?

Persevering with the plan
The biggest mistake that many of us make is not sticking to the plan, a program such as Weight Watchers requires you to pay a membership fee so it is essential that you have the commitment needed to go into the plan and follow it through by sticking to it before signing up for membership. Weight Watchers relies on the person keeping track of what they eat and taking full advantage of the support that Weight Watchers gives to members. All diets basically rely on counting calories or points, values of the food we eat and weight watchers relies on a points system, a point value is assigned to each food based on the amount of calories and fat content within that particular food. A person is then allowed a certain number of points throughout the day based on their sex and weight, the system of course will work adequately if the number of points are stuck to per day but if the person continually goes over the recommended daily allotted amount of points then quite simply they are not going to lose weight and indeed could in fact gain weight.

Failing to keep a journal
It is essential for a plan such as Weight Watchers to be successful that you keep a journal and write down all the foods and keep a count of all the points which you are eating throughout the day, simply relying on your memory to keep count is not good enough. Besides simply forgetting you ate something you could also conveniently forget all about that nibble you had with your coffee, if you are going to be successful with the Weight Watchers program then you have to keep a written journal and include every single point that you put through your lips.

One of the biggest reasons why so many people fail at Weight Watchers is they underestimate the number of points they have eaten throughout a day. By guessing the number of points in a plateful of food you are on the track to failure, by repeatedly underestimating the number of points you are eating and by doing this you can never expect to lose weight. Some people who follow the weight watchers system also misunderstand the system because certain foods such as vegetables have no points as long as you measure that amount in one cup. However they get misled into thinking that you are allowed as many vegetables as you wish and its still classed as no points, therefore some people think they are allowed to eat an unlimited amount of these types of food which is wrong. Always be sure you totally understand the points system of a program like Weight Watchers and if in doubt ask a representative for advice on calculating using the points system.

Any type of diet requires willpower and determination and Weight Watchers is no exception, only by following the guidelines set out will you be successful in your weight loss program, proper calculation of points and keeping a written account if everything you eat is essential to making the program work as is sticking with it over time and changing your lifestyle and the way you eat after you have successfully lost the amount of weight you want to lose.

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