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Teach Yourself For Free – Internet Marketing

Friday, October 8th, 2021 | Free Articles

Teach yourself for free – One of the biggest mistakes that many newbie internet marketers make is to think that by spending money, they can somehow buy themselves online marketing success. The truth, however, is that it simply does not happen that way. There are literally thousands of internet marketing products on the market, many of which claim that they have the secret key to the mystical door behind which all secrets of internet marketing are hidden.
By and large, the vast majority of these products are not worth spending your money on, and will teach you little or nothing.

There are also all many e-books and special reports that claim to offer full training for newbies, or a business plan that will somehow skyrocket said newbie to instant fame and fortune. Again, products such as these prey on the beginners desire to be successful as quickly and as painlessly as possible. In effect, in this scenario, our newbie friend is looking for an instant ‘magic bullet’ that will remove all of their difficulties and problems, and make them profitable immediately. Unfortunately, such a magic bullet does not exist. What you really need to do is educate yourself, because it is only through such learning that you will come to see what is and what is not necessary for internet marketing success.

As suggested, there are hundreds of new products that hit the market every week and the vast majority claim that you cannot hope to be a successful internet marketer if you do not buy the product in question. Every time you do buy such a product, however, all you are doing is indicating that you’re not fully focused on making money with what you are already doing. Think of it in this way. If you ran a successful car repair business, you would not for one minute entertain the idea of taking up brain surgery because a well-known brain surgeon brought his car to your workshop and suggested to that he makes a lot of money whilst you were chatting.

As this would be entirely nonsensical in the real world, why do so many internet marketers imagine that it is perfectly logical to do pretty much exactly the same as this in their online career?

The problem is that they have not taken the time and trouble to educate themselves, and have instead wasted possibly a great deal of money on products that promised to give them all of the answers without them having to do any of the work to find the information for themselves. As a newbie, it is common to begin making money online either by promoting products as an affiliate, or by featuring paid advertising such as AdSense on a site or blog. There is nothing in the least bit wrong with either of these methods, but you must understand that the people who are most successful in making money in these ways use advanced tactics and techniques..

What this tells you is that you need to discover exactly how the most successful and profitable individuals in the internet marketing industry make their money. After that, you need to learn everything about their methods that it is possible to learn, and, more importantly, how you can go along the same road.
The good news, however, is that it is not necessary to buy ‘how to’ guides and e-books in order to do this, because most of the information that you need in order to teach yourself is available entirely free.

There are several forum sites in the internet marketing ‘niche’ which you could very quickly learn how other people are making their money online from by studying them on a regular basis. Once you are armed with your initial ideas, then it is relatively simple to use the same sites to learn a great deal more about specific money making methods by following as many different forum threads about that topic as possible. The two forums that you really must join are the Warrior Forum and the forums section off the Digital Point site. Whilst both of these sites are excellent and provide a tremendous amount of free information, as a general observation, the Warrior Forum tends to be a place where older, more experienced marketers network, whereas Digital Point seem to attract a younger, more energetic (and sometimes very imaginative) crowd.

Studying both of these forums can be extremely helpful, because the first step towards ‘graduating’ from being a newbie is to decide how you want to do so. For example, if you are currently making a few dollars a week from a handful of AdSense enabled blog sites, then you have two options available to you:
Do you want to continue working with AdSense, but do so in a manner that will make you a lot more money?
Would you be more interested in moving into a completely different type of moneymaking online activity?

Say that, because of your familiarity with the AdSense program, you would prefer to become a better AdSense marketer, rather than changing direction completely. In that case, using both the Warrior Forum and Digital Point would enable you to learn a great deal about how to go about doing this.
If, on the other hand, you have decided that AdSense is really not your cup of tea, and that you would like to try something different, then both of the sites are also great resources for discovering lots of new money making opportunities. For instance, over the past few years, I have seen many newbie marketers who have chosen to push their career a little further by becoming involved in ‘bum marketing’, which is a variation on article marketing.

Note that there are people asking questions here who seem to like this particular method of marketing, whilst there are others who are clearly not quite so convinced. In other words, there is no hype or over-exaggeration involved – what you are getting are peoples genuine opinions, questions and recommendations, and everything is entirely free. This is not, incidentally, meant to suggest that you should immediately run off to take up ‘bum marketing’. As suggested in the first section of this report, if this does not fall in your plan for the time being, then learn about it by all means, but did not shift your focus from what you’re doing now.

However, by following both of these forum sites, you will gradually learn about all of the different aspects of internet marketing. On every one of these individual aspects, forum members will have widely differing opinions. For example, some people still think it is important to know how to create websites using ‘traditional’ website building tools like Dreamweaver or NVU. Others would argue, however, that this is a largely irrelevant skill when it is now so simple to build a perfectly acceptable site in a matter of moments using a blog platform like WordPress or a content management system like Joomla.

No doubt, all of this information is extremely interesting, but unfortunate that does mean that it is remarkably easy to spend hour after hour browsing both of these forums. Doing so is almost as dangerous as jumping from one product to another, because it is another indication that you’re not focused on the primary task in hand, which is to make money.

At almost every point of your internet marketing career, it will be far too easy to allow yourself to be distracted by marketing ‘gossip’ and associated ‘noise’ and, sometimes, even the most informative forum sites can fall into this category.In a similar manner, information overload is also a serious potential threat to your efficiency and effectiveness. In reality, whilst browsing forum sites can be fantastic source of free information, no one human being can realistically absorb everything that there is to be learned from such sites.

In effect, if you try to become an expert in everything, you will end up fully understanding nothing. You will be a relatively poorly qualified jack of all trades, and almost inevitably a master of none. Information overload is almost as serious a threat to the success of your internet marketing career as not having enough information. So, bear in mind that your undivided focus and attention must always be on your primary moneymaking activities, and that anything else should be put to one side until you have the time or the inclination to master that subject matter too.

The final thing to mention about the Warrior Forum is that there is a section of the site that is populated by other members who are selling their own products within the forum community. These products are often not available at all outside of the community, and when they, they are significantly more expensive.
If, therefore, you really need to buy a product, I would strongly recommend that you look at the Warrior Special Offers Forum before doing so. There just might be something that you can use to do the job that you require available that will be considerably cheaper than a comparable product in the open marketplace:


  • In order to progress from being a newbie marketer, you need to learn as much as you can about the internet marketing business in general.
  • By doing so, you will gain some insight into the way that you would like to take your online marketing career forward in the future.
  • Most of information that you really need is, however, available entirely free within the members area of the leading internet marketing forum sites.
  • At the same time, beware of losing focus and understand that information overload is a serious potential threat to taking meaningful action. Do not allow yourself to be distracted or overwhelmed.

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