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Getting Past the Newbie Stage of Internet Marketing – Introduction

Wednesday, October 6th, 2021 | Free Articles

Getting Past the Newbie Stage of Internet Marketing – Introduction – One of the truly great things about internet marketing is that it is remarkably easy for anyone to become an internet marketer. You do not need any college degree, specific technical training or experience. Age, gender and locality are no bar to being a successful internet marketer either. Moreover, unlike a traditional ‘bricks and mortar’, real-world business, you do not need to have a significant amount of start-up capital behind you either.

Whilst I have no doubt that the picture is changing and will continue to do so, almost no one in the internet marketing business has any formal training of any kind as an online marketer. In effect, therefore, almost everyone starts out playing the internet marketing game on a level playing field.Of course, some marketers do come into the internet marketing business with significant amounts of real-world business experience, and there is little doubt that such extensive business experience does give them an advantage.

Nevertheless, it is still true that in practical terms, whilst everyone can have lots of good ideas, every marketing beginner or ‘newbie’ starts off with little or no previous experience. In other words, no matter who they are or where they are now, even the best known gurus and experts in the business started off as exactly the same sort of online business newbie as you are now. However, if that is the position that you still find yourself in, you should take that as a huge encouragement, because quite clearly, by becoming recognized experts or gurus, these people have long since managed to lose their ‘newbie’ status.

That should tell you that you can do exactly the same. However, there is no doubt that for many internet marketing beginners, the biggest question is, what exactly do they need to do in order to move on from being a newbie?
Therefore, the purpose of this book is to look at various different aspects of making that big leap forward, and also at some of the actions that you will need to take in order to do so.

It will also highlight the crucial questions that you must ask yourself in order to attain a real understanding of what it is that really motivates you, and how you can harness that motivation to power yourself onwards to the next level.

Why are you doing this?

As a newbie, you are really just scratching at the surface of the internet marketing money making world. And, in all honesty, there is no definitive or clearly marked point or time after which you stop being a newbie and become an intermediate and then, later, an advanced marketer.

At the same time, most newbies have little or no idea about what they are doing in terms of their online money making efforts and, more importantly, why they are doing it. Oh, sure, there may be a couple of reason that they think or believe that they are doing this for, but..

In order to begin the process of moving forward to the next stage of your internet marketing career (which is exactly what the things that you are doing right now can become if you do things right from here on in) you need to start asking yourself many relatively deep questions.

The first and most important to answer is, why are you doing this?

Now, if your answer is something along the lines of, because you need more money, then I have news for you. That puts you in a very non-exclusive club that contains just about every individual human being on plant earth!
Everyone wants more money. Itinerants living in the park need more money to buy their next meal, Mom at home needs more money to buy little Johnny his next new bike, and even the richest man in the world needs more money so that he can massage his ego by showing off what a success he is.

Wanting extra money should never be the answer to this question, and if that truly is your motivation, then you have chosen the wrong vocation. It would be much easier to get yourself a weekend job flipping burgers or work in a bar at nights. Both of these are far more reliable sources of extra income, and you’ll certainly see the results far more quickly (in the form of a pay-packet at the end of the very first week).

Having said that, I don’t doubt that some newbie marketers will come into internet marketing because they have fallen hook, line and sinker for the ridiculous notion that there are huge amounts of easy money to be made online. Unfortunately, there is not, and whether you realize that early on or only after wasting money on half a dozen ‘get rich quick from this fantastic system’ manuals, the fact remains that making money online is not easy, and it does require hard work, organization and planning.

So, you need to move past that ‘make more money’ superficial reasoning to discover what it is that really motivates you to want to become a successful internet marketer. Money should never be an end in itself. For sane people, money is never more than a means to achieve the end result that they most want to achieve, and you would classify yourself as sane, wouldn’t you?

  • You must therefore know what your desired end result is, because, if you do not, any success that you enjoy will almost certainly be entirely accidental and, moreover, very probably extremely temporary as well.
  • Here are a few of the most common reasons that people come up with as their personal motivation, so you can get more idea of the kind of self- examination that is needed. Do this before anything else, because otherwise, you have no chance of moving on from being a raw newbie:
  • You want to spend more time with your family and kids.
  • You want to live in a debt and rent free house.
  • You want to be able to go on holiday whenever you like, to visit wherever you want and stay there for as long as you want to.
  • You want to be the one that controls how much you earn, rather than being reliant on an employer to do so.
  • You don’t want to commute to or get dressed for the office every day.
  • You simply prefer running your online business from the comfort of home to driving a truck, digging the road or working in a paint shop all day!

It is vitally important that you have a clear picture and understanding of why you are trying to become a successful internet marketer in the first place for one very important reason.

Whether you realize it or not, you will almost certainly fail (perhaps several times) before you finally succeed.
In order to be able to keep going when everything seems to be going against you, you have got to have a clear vision of what it is that drives you, because it only by retaining and believing in this vision that you will be able to keep on fighting.

Section summary:

  • You must understand why you want to be a successful internet marketer.
  • Wanting to make more money is not a satisfactory answer, and if that is the best motivation you have, then you’re probably in the wrong business.
  • If you do not understand your real motivation, then the chances are high that you never will be as successful as you want to be.

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